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Expressive play therapy utilizes many forms such as sand tray, puppets, dollhouse, art, and crafts. These expressive mediums provide a developmentally appropriate way for children to process thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Play is a child’s natural language and it encourages children to explore and understand how they feel about themselves and the world they live in.  


The toys and other materials Jaime has available in her office allow children the freedom to choose their own way of exploring and expressing themselves.  Jaime's role as counsellor is to be attuned to the child in the present moment, to follow and guide in the expressive play, and to assist in processing experiences.


Sometimes life experiences can leave us struggling to cope with daily expectations and relationships. In addition, traumatic events can impact one's ability to function and enjoy life. Jaime has experience supporting people to regain a sense of safety and hope in their lives. 


Jaime offers individual counselling for adults, youth, and children who face a variety of challenges.



"Play is children's language and toys are their words".

(Gary Landreth, 2012)

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